“A Matter of Being” The Seminar with Joél Diehl Sensei

This seminar is a powerful, dynamic and interactive setting for developing a personal path to self-actualization, self-empowerment and enlightenment, fully based on the popular book “A Matter of Being” by Joél Diehl Sensei.

This seminar is an excellent tool for Corporate, Non-Profit, School, Anti-Bullying, GLBTQ, Performance Arts, Addiction Recovery and Personal Growth groups.

During the seminar, Joél brings, with love and joy, the key elements to developing these paths together. Attendees receive a copy of Joél’s popular book “A Matter of Being”.

Below, is the agenda for “A Matter of Being – The Seminar”

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  • INTRODUCTION – Being; a word so simple and so powerful. In definition, being is the act of existing opposed to that of not existing. What is existing? Does existence demand a consciousness of sorts? Does “being”, in itself, define life? What is life? In the quest of a personal spiritual life, it remains necessary for one to examine their perception of “being”.
    • Joél discusses the difference between societies, theologies and philosophies interpretation of the meaning of “being”. Joél engages the audience in fun and introspective role play.
  • Breaking the Barrier – Buddha stated, “With our thoughts we make a world”. This is not limited to creativity and imagination. Thought is the catalyst to everything. Without thought, nothing would exist. I speak not only to the deep introspective through but to the simplest unnoticed thought. The thought which causes nerves to send messages to the heart, lungs, spleen, etc. Thought is creation and creation is thought.
    • Joél discusses how thought creates reality in our lives. He uses audience participation in roleplay and in improvisational games to demonstrate how powerful thought can be in our creation of positive and negative realities.
  • Overcoming The Obstacle Course – Life, inevitably, is filled with what is perceived to be obstacles placed in the road to fulfillment. The importance of the above statement is not the word obstacles but the word perceived. Boulders are perceived obstacles to water; however, no matter how large the boulder is water will find a way. Even the strongest of dams is no match for the persistence of water. Without constant upkeep, repair and structured maintenance the dam will fail. The constant is, water will find a way.
    • Joél, through fun imagery and audience participation discusses, and demonstrates, how easy it truly is to navigate through the obstacles we face daily and how to positively turn them into non-obstacles.
  • Kindness – The first process in being kind to yourself is to purge the negativity from your life. This is not an overnight process; nor does it need to be. However, in beginning this process, we must let those around us know, in a kind and gentle way, that negativity is no longer welcome in our lives. During this process, we all encounter a certain degree of push back from those who feel “change” is unnecessary. Fear not. It is when we encounter this push back that we realize we are on the right path.
    • Joél discusses the truth behind kindness, personal and social. He uses historical examples of random acts of kindness, as well as focusing on current events and how to turn feelings of hatred and loathing (self-loathing) into kindness.
  • Compassion – The greatest mistakes we make are 1. Not having compassion for ourselves. 2. Only having compassion when the occasion calls for it. 3. Confusing compassion with enabling. 4. Confusing compassion with worry. 5. Allowing ourselves to get so caught up in the situation that we allow ourselves to become anxious and actually panic. Compassion requires no act outside of itself. It is simply the act a willingness to understand the state of another and the willingness to understand the state of ourselves. In moving forward with a willingness to understand, we must be careful not to try to fix the situation for another or attempt to fix our own situations by ourselves, through the act of enabling. By using the state or situation we are in as a crutch or an excuse, we enable ourselves to stay exactly where we are with no growth potential.
    • Joél, by using the 5 points of anticompassion, listed above, discusses how we can turn these 5 point around, in our lives, and create a personally compassionate environment for ourselves and those around us. Joél uses audience participation in role play.
  • Giving – We have all heard the old-adage “It is better to give than to receive.” In actuality, a truer statement cannot be made. Since our reality is created by our very thoughts and thoughts lead to actions, a giving mindset lends itself to happier and positive realities.
    • Joél discusses the joy of giving and the concept of Paying-it-Forward. He discusses how thoughts and perceptions can influence our giving nature in the positive and in the negative. Joél discusses how great positivity can be gained through giving to oneself and to others with no agenda in mind.
  • Sharing – The power of sharing can dramatically bring joy to our complete “being” as well as those around us. The sharing spirit is a calm and happy spirit; it is a spirit with a loving connection to Universal wisdom and the enlightened path.
    • Following in the steps of Giving, Joél discusses how sharing increases our selfworth and enables us to gain inner strength and joy.
  • Loving – The idea of it seems both simple and extremely difficult, at the same time. Perhaps, this is due to our great misunderstanding of the root word “Love”. To find the essence of love and loving, we must find our spiritual essence. We must tear down the façade we have created and stand spiritually naked before our peers and ourselves. We are that we are.
    • Joél discusses the many forms of love, as described by the ancient Greeks. Through audience participation and roleplay, Joél brings the empowerment of self-actualization, love and peace with oneself and others to a beautiful understanding.
  • Caring – How much do we care? How often do we actually ask ourselves this question? It is true that we must be able to take care of ourselves if we are to be able to do the same for others. However, caring is so much deeper than this.
    • Joél discusses the “art” of caring’ and how our thoughts can be manipulated by outside influences and how we, through meditation and mantras, can overcome these influences and truly become caring beings (toward ourselves and others), without sacrificing our own identities.
  • Accepting – Accepting ourselves is one of the greatest spiritual gifts ever bestowed upon us. Vanity is the poison of acceptance. Our society has been built upon the hope that the many will stay in the pit of personal unacceptance. You were created to be the beautiful work of art that you are. Bald, skinny, fat, tall, short, black, white, red, yellow, gay, straight, transgender, bisexual, asexual, blue-collar, white-collar, autistic, ADHD, etc. You were created as a wok of beautiful art.
    • Joél. Through audience participation, roleplay and Zen principles discusses the beauty of acceptance. Joél discusses how to find the inner beauty in oneself and the inner-truth in oneself to find self-actualization and self-acceptance, personal situations that seem negative and how to find positive acceptance in them. Joél also uses these principles to discuss how to find acceptance in others.
  • BEING PEACEFUL –  Imagine the constant feeling of being hugged by all of creation. Imaging the solitude of being with your own thoughts and finding comfort in them. These are things humanity yearns for and many succeed in finding. These are not found in pointless manmade traditions intent on offering solace through scripted rituals. These are found through the unbound knowing and acceptance of oneself.
    • Joél discusses the ultimate joy in individual inner peace. Through audience participation, roleplay, the art of Zen Breath Control,  the art of Creative Visualization, Joél presents a beautiful map and path to being peaceful in all situations.
  • EMBRACING ALL – We are one will all things, since the beginning of time itself! In our cells, we carry the genetic memory from the time we crawled out of the primal soup. Have you ever wondered why you are able to feel the energies of people in a room, receive premonitions, are able to tap into universal healing energies, have special connections with nature? It is because you have been connected since a time before your birth.
    • The act of embracing all is the highlight of this seminar. Joél discusses how embracing all that we are, all that we can be and all that we are connected to leads us to amazing, fulfilling and humble personal success. Joél recaps the seminar and engages the audience in full audience participation of mantras and positive affirmations. Joél discusses the difference between disease and dis-ease. Joél end the seminar with a Zen Buddhist blessing.

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