The electricity in our brains, firing like lightening in a beautifully back lit sky, creating ideas and forming new powerful thought. Suddenly, with no warning, a blockade of many decades’ worth of conditioned thought stands, with shields and swords, ready for battle, intent on defeating these new and non-conforming thoughts. This is the battle the conditioned mind has when attempting to reach the key to release to power of the unchained mind. ~ Joél Diehl Sensei

Life, inevitably, is filled with what is perceived to be obstacles placed in the road to fulfillment. The importance of the above statement is not the word obstacles but the word perceived. Boulders are perceived obstacles to water; however, no matter how large the boulder is water will find a way.  Even the strongest of dams is no match for the persistence of water. Without constant upkeep, repair and structured maintenance the dam will fail. The constant is, water will find a way. ~ Joél Diehl Sensei

Being kind to ourselves does not revolve around material wants and/or desires; nor does it revolve around feeding our individual egos or ids. Being kind to ourselves revolves around our body, mind and spirit. Releasing negativity and drama from our lives and replacing them with positivity and enlightenment. ~ Joél Diehl Sensei

Compassion requires no act outside of itself. It is simply the act a willingness to understand the state of another and the willingness to understand the state of ourselves. ~ Joél Diehl Sensei

We have all heard the old adage “It is better to give than to receive.” In actuality, a truer statement cannot be made. Since our reality is created by our very thoughts and thoughts lead to actions, a giving mindset lends itself to happier and positive realities. ~ Joél Diehl Sensei

Sharing allows our “being” to accept selflessness; it allows us to let go and free ourselves from societies “me, me, me / I, I, I” conditioning. It allows us to subdue our need for notoriety and promotes goodness and righteousness in spirit. ~ Joél Diehl Sensei