Imagine the constant feeling of being hugged by all of creation. Imaging the solitude of being with your own thoughts and finding comfort in them. These are things humanity yearns for and many succeed in finding. These are not found in pointless man-made traditions intent on offering solace through scripted rituals. These are found through the unbound knowing and acceptance of oneself. ~ Joél Diehl Sensei

 Life is so much more than we make it to be. Life is dance of beauty and grace. Every step we take, every word we speak, every note we sing resonates throughout eternity creating an endless web of spiritual scaffolding. We are already embraced by the universe and the Earth and all in them. ~ Joél Diehl Sensei

Embracing all allows for spiritual, physical and mental healing. Disease, in many cases, is simply found to be dis-ease. It becomes easy for us to be proactive in the things we need to accomplish. Holding personal accountability for our own actions becomes second nature. We no longer fear, we anticipate wonderful things and hold no expectations. ~ Joél Diehl Sensei